Welcome to Huisartsen Lutmastraat, huisarts in de Pijp

    Mw. O.T. Klinkenbijl

    Mw. C.J. Vreugdenhil

    • We are two experienced doctors in the centre of ‘De Pijp’. Our objective is to be a reliable point of contact for patients throughout all phases in life. We offer personal, qualitative and approachable care. We are open all year round form 8 am to 5 pm with the exception of holidays and weekends. Minor surgery, joint injections and the placement of IUD’s can be done by both GP’s.

    • It is possible to organize things online via our patient portal, such as asking the doctor for advise, renewing your prescription and booking an appointment. From 2016 we have a NHG quality brand (Practice Accreditation of the Dutch college of General Practitioners) which assures qualitative and up to date care.

      Mw. O.T. Klinkenbijl en mw. C.J. Vreugdenhil, huisartsen.


    • Huisartsen Lutmastraat
      Lutmastraat 45
      1072 JP Amsterdam

    • 020 679 00 44 / emergency press 1
      Fax: 020 670 25 57
      Emercency after opening hours: 088 003 06 00

    We are able to take on new patients again (only in indicated zipcodes)

    The practice is temporarily closed for new patients