To make an appointment

  • Book a call appointment online

    Please look for an available time slot in the agenda and book a call appointment online. More about the agenda.

  • Consultation hour by appointment

    It is possible to book an appointment at a every workday in the morning or in the afternoon. You can book this appointment with the assistant who will ask for the reason. Please note whenever you have more than one question or complaint you should mention this to the assistant so she can schedule more time.

  • Contact by telephone

    Whenever you have a short question or you would like to discuss a result with the doctor you can book a telephone consultation with the assistant every day before 12 am. The doctor will call you back between 12 – 2 the same day. Please leave the correct number on which you are available that day.

  • House visits

    If you are unable to come to the practice you can ask for a home visit. This could be when you are handicapped, severely ill or not able to walk. The assistant will judge whether a home visit is necessary or not. In general we have better possibilities for examination and treatment at our practice than are available in a house call. A home visit is not intended for patients who don’t have the time or the transport means to come to the practice at the usual consultation hours.

  • Evening-, night-, weekend service

    During the evenings, at nights, weekends and official holidays GP care is clustered in a communal health centre ‘de huisartsenpost’. This centre is next to the first aid of the OLVG hospital. For urgent medical issues that cannot wait please contact this doctorspost: 088 0030600. Please keep your Insurance card ready.