Insight in your medical data with your phone or computer

At huisartsen Lutmastraat you can have insight in your medical data from your personal phone or computer. You are able to see the:

  • doctor’s advice
  • the results of medical tests
  • an overview of your medication

Your GP keeps track of your medical data in your personal file. You are able to see these data on your personal computer or telephone. You are only able to see these data after you have safely logged into your personal portal. This creates the possibility to discuss your personal health situation with us and to make informed decisions about your health.

How to have insight in your medical data?

To view your medical data you have to log in to your personal patient portal.

You are also able to view your medical data through a PGO (personal health environment) which meets the criteria of MedMij.

To create your own patientportal click: