Coronavirus & vaccination

On this page you will find the latest information and advice about the Coronavirus. The information comes from RIVM and


Currently all patients above the age of 80 are being vaccinated by the GGD. The next weeks till months al patients above the age of 65, who are physically able to go to the GGD, will be vaccinated by the GGD at their location. The invitation comes directly from the GGD.

Huisartsen Lutmastraat is going to vaccinate patients below the age of 65. We will get the actual information from the government and will aproach you directly when it is your turn.

Self-test: Corona question test

Do I have corona, what should I do? The corona question test provides you with easy information and advice about corona. The test was made by the Dutch Society of General Practitioners, the scientific association of general practitioners in the Netherlands.

Much information can be found on the website You can read there, for example, when to call your doctor and what you can do to prevent infection.
Go to

Call 0800-1202 to make an appointment for a coronatest
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National information number

From 08:00 am to 20:00 pm you can contact the national information number of RIVM: 0800-1351 with all your questions about Corona.

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Vaccination Certificate

Do you need a proof of vaccination for travelling or event access?

You can visit the website or the CoronaCheck app on your smartphone. You can arrange your vaccination certificate directly there. Check the government website for more information about what you can do yourself to get a vaccination certificate:

Do you need help using the CoronaCheck website or app?

  • For technical questions, please contact the government. You can call 0031 247 247 247. There are people ready to help you, even if you don’t have a computer yourself.
  • Have you tried, but can’t you find your vaccination certificate? We may be able to help you if you have been fully vaccinated at our GP practice. Sent us an e-mail through your portal.
  • Please write down that you want to receive a vaccination certificate and why it is not possible via the CoronaCheck app or via Also include your contact details.
  • If it is possible for us to provide you with a vaccination certificate, we will send it to you. Please don’t call the practice for this matter.


For general information and explanation see also the videos below

The 11 ingredients of the corona vaccine

Hoe gevaarlijk is het coronavaccin?

How does an RNA vaccine work?